You got my back? Oh matter fact, sign the dotted line. That you can save me from the torture they think is so devine. They drain me slowly of my spirit then use a life line. Hahahaha where you going? Oh it’s just not quite your time. Stop the bleeding and the screaming, you’ll be just fine. Lets reattach the pieces slowly and bring you back to prime. This condition that you’re feeling, take it as a sign. You handgave me the tools against you, are you fucking blind? You brought this on yourself. Now you’re crying out for help!? Nobody loves! Nobody needs you! These were the cards you dealt! So next time you feel this certain need to give your heart away, make sure it’s not to a trickster because I love to play.



Angel eyes, long hair. Angel eyes, long hair. Angel eyes, long hair. Angel eyes, long hair. Angel eyes, long hair. Angel eyes, long hair. Angel eyes, long hair. I see you crying, what’s wrong dear?

Ok, tell me bout ya pain, tell me bout ya pass, tell me bout the niggas who missed out on this ass, cause baby you the truth. You’re an angel in disguise, you a dime but I need to add it 9 more times. I guess 100 fine. Baby you in a league of your own and I’m trying to be the nigga that’s gone place you on that thrown. You’re a queen so I place that pink crown on your head, take ya to the bed, feeling like a jester in that thing instead. Act a fool with it. Baby you a blessing from the king, he see the king in me so he told me add another ring, to your left hand, now everything is everything. Baby where you been all of my life? Wasting time with these fuck boys, that should be a crime, I’m gonna compensate for that wasted time, make you cry tears of joy then you look up and ask why? Why why why…why it took so long for you to rain down from the sky? Why you never been my hero to come and save me from those guys? Why I never fear heartache when I look up in your eyes? Why are you the perfect gift handpicked from God? Why? Baby I don’t know but I’m glad I’m here with ya. Paint our souls on the canvas, now they have the perfect picture. Man this love is truly magic, I think we’d make the perfect wizards. If we ever fall apart, I would become the perfect fixture. Girl you are a blessing, yea I knew it from the start, when you took the purest pieces and you freed them from the dark. Baby you’re the reason that I have these pleasent thoughts. It wasn’t in my nature to ever hear me go bark. Yea, road to a dog that every single man has traveled. Cursed by the thoughts of adam when he bit into that apple. Slaughter every single hoe like she’s a single piece of cattle. But before I suited up, girl you saved me from that battle. And I thank you, girl I thank you, you’re the women of my dreams. Pretty, smart, and classy and that’s just the minor things. I hope this last forever, you’re a drug I truly fiend. So lovely girl, lovely girl want you, want you stay with me.

I’m so high off your love. This would be the words I’d siiiiiiiing. I’m so high of your love. But you never gave a chance to this thiiiiiiiing. I’m so done with this love. I thought you were the girl of my dreeeeeeams. Man fuck love! This is my realityyyyyyyy! So keep your angel eyes and you keep your long hair. Go and keep your face dry, don’t wanna see another tear. So when you tell the next man how your ex stripped the world from you, make sure you tell him about the one guy who tried to give it back times 2.

(POEM) Sorry!

Today is the day man this chick too fiiiiine. I’m gonna tell her how she the only one who’s up on my miiiind. I’m gonna say girl you the one! Yea, one of a kiiiiind. How I get me one like that? Do you ask if I miiiiind? Oh shit…I mean do you mind if asssssk? You the type of chick I see on them online adddds. Beautiful black woman with a voluptuous asssss. What you mean why I’m staring? Who gone let that walk paaaast…without a peak, just a little, now don’t do it too faaaaast. Of course it’s not about your body, you’re a lady with claaaass. Living life to the fullest but don’t burn out, in faaaaact, I’m trying to be yo pit stop when you run out of the gaaaas. Ok it’s gonna be like that when she come and walk past. My boy say stick to my roots cause I’m surely outclassed. Girls like that the main stars, you’ll just be part of the cast. So please my nigga don’t be catching feelings like ash. Shut up man here she come, watch my plan unfold. How you doing gorgeous, your beauty glitters like gold. I’m usually the shy type but girl you’re making me bold. A body like that? You must be crafted from mold? If they selling more of you, girl where are they sold? Just kidding my love I know you’re one of a kind. I heard you’re looking for a Clyde, let’s be partners in crime. Ima cut this short don’t wanna take up your time. What I got to do to finally make you mine? She said…Sorry! Not interested…lol

Is your Love truly REAL!?

People pass up on good people on a daily basis. People can lie but I’m sure a lot of people have said nope they dont make enough money. Nope they aren’t cute enough. Nope they don’t have a good enough body. Nope i dont like how they dress. Nope they drive that? But nobody it’s so rare for someone to look past what the flesh has to offer. All these things can change so why would you pass up on a person because of it? The same person who you said these things about can easily start going to the gym, can get a promotion, can get all of these nice things and yet still be the same person who you said all of those negative things about. Is that truly loving someone?

Are you praying to the right God?

Some people don’t even know that when they’re praying that God in heaven could possibly not even hear them. People pray for money, cars, women, men, for life to be easier and don’t realise that they are indeed praying to God but the God of this world. Satan is the God of earth. He’ll give you any and everything you want. Is being rich worth it? Is having the best car and clothes worth it? Is having great sex worth it? If the devil was a person, he’d be the flyest dude alive because he’d be everything you want. He’d have the best cars, clothes, house, women, anything you can think of. But are all those things more important than love and making your way into the kingdom of heaven? There is life after death. Do all you can to make it there because it is a hard to place to get into.